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Medical Device Calibration Services

health calibration services

health calibration services

health calibration services<br>We provide the needs of measuring instruments and testing equipment needed for testing and calibration of maintained medical equipment that is traceable during use.<br>The table below is our testing and calibration equipment.&nbsp;1. Electrical Safety Analyzer2.

Medical Device Calibration Services


Every industry, especially the health industry is required to use measuring instruments and sensors to measure and analyze various kinds of objects related to the health industry. all measuring instruments require measurements to be in accordance with the standard set. Standard adjustment of this measuring instrument is called Calibration. our company is one of the few health care companies in Indonesia, which are standardized and certified. by using the latest equipment.

why choose us

PT. Calibration Laboratory Didi Indonesian Calibration is accredited by the Accreditation Committee National (KAN) according to the requirements of SNI ISO / IEC 17025: 2008., and already has an Operational Permit for the Ministry of Health No: HK.02 / I / 1862/2018 from the Ministry of Health, and has become a taxpayer company.

 Commitment of Calibration Laboratory PT. Didi Calibrates Indonesia on the practice of calibration professionals who are good and on quality calibration in serving customers for achievement of customer satisfaction.

 Availability of appropriate and adequate resources to provide services calibration to all customers and other parties who need it.

 Realization of a planned program to ensure the availability of personnel competent and capable in the field of medical equipment calibration.

 Commitment of PT. Didi Calibrate Indonesia to meet the requirements of SNI ISO / IEC 17025: 2008 and continuously improve the effectiveness of the management system.

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